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The Live Journal Asian Art Community

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Asian Art
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The art of Asia through the ages

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This community is devoted to all forms and styles of asian art; both antiquated and modern. This canvasses a broad spectrum of virtuosity: painting, sculpture, architecture, design, film etc.
I personally prefer to focus on established styles; however, I want you to know that I am artist friendly. If you have any work; past or present, which is germane to the community subject, please feel free to post it here. I am not adverse to original artwork, gallery links, questions, written articles, anything pertaining to the topic of the community.

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While I am very grateful to anyone who posts in here, I must ask that if an image is "too large" (I'll trust your judgment; say, 600 pixels) or you have multiple large images to post, please use an lj-cut. If you need something to shrink your pictures, you can try a free program called "GIMP" I have linked to it here.

Thank you.

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